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Transportation Industry

We provide high-quality abrasives, tapes, films, adhesives, and specialty materials for the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of autos, aircraft, boats, and other vehicles.


Whether you're involved in manufacturing, maintenance or repair in the Aerospace industry, 3M provides efficient and cost-effective solutions for sanding, masking & paint systems, aircraft sealant removal and more.

Aerospace (Full Site)


3M offers solutions, from abrasives to paint finishing, using our most advanced technologies for designers, manufacturers and OEMs in the Automotive industry.

Automotive Products

Automotive Aftermarket

From abrasives to paint finishing, 3M has the solution for the car enthusiast and the body repair professional.

3M Collision Repair (Full Site)

3M Auto Care (Full Site)

Bondo® Brand Products (Full Site)


Come aboard and learn more about our unique products and systems designed to keep your boat ship shape.

Marine (Full Site)

Specialty Vehicle

Integrating 3M's vast product and technology portfolio to provide innovative solutions for the design, manufacture, and maintenance of commercial and recreational vehicles.

Specialty Vehicle (Full Site)

Roadway Safety

3M's full line of products for traffic control and guidance are extensively researched and tested for high performance, durability, and quality.

Roadway Safety (Full Site)